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Judging a Book by its Cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Or maybe just judge a little.


Isn’t this what we have always been told? Don’t judge anyone too quickly, it’s rude. Shame on you.

Yet at the same time, we are told “dress to impress” because first impressions are the most important. Wouldn’t that be because someone is judging us off our appearance?

Oh the contradictions. Thank you everyone for teaching us one thing, only to enforce the complete opposite.

Let’s face it, everyone judges you off first impressions. It’s what helps us land a job, make a new friend, meet a future spouse, be generally accepted by ‘society.’

So what do we do? Do we be ourselves or be the person who will be accepted by the general public? No wonder our youth of today are in a constant battle about appearance because this is when we first start to realize that appearance matters. Peers start to judge and gossip about each other in school. They make fun of those who are different than them. Then in college we say “I don’t care what people think; I’ll wear sweatpants everyday if I want!” Then we graduate and realize we need buy business casual attire because it actually does matter how we look; no more piercings everywhere, no huge tattoos, no crazy hair, no crazy ensembles.

                                                                     — Which is where I need to throw in a little PSA. No crazy ensembles means shopping time, which means more spending of money, money that recent graduates do not have. Okay, I am done venting.– 

It is a constant battle between wanting to be liked and wanting to be independent. What should we teach as more important? There is no easy answer for this one. Always be true to yourself, even if that means wearing different clothes or having a different attitude as long as you are working toward a goal you have set for yourself. Most will find that your true goals are easy to attain without changing much about yourself because it matches your personality anyway. Do things in the name of you. Do it for yourself. Things always have a way of working out.

In regards of judging others…

Some people say judging others is a sin. But sometimes it just pops in our head. The key is to not let that initial judgment be the lasting one. Maybe your initial judgment of someone is correct but give yourself time to be wrong; I usually am.



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