Devil’s Advocate

I recently read an article on Life Buzz titled, 15 Things You Should Give Up to be Happy, credited to Purpose Fairy. It was very eye-opening and compelling. This is an article many people should read, especially stick-up-their-butt type people. You know who you are: controlling, micro-managing, chronically judgmental people.

Although this article laid out many great characteristics to better yourself, I have one suggestion: play devil’s advocate. Everyone has their own opinions and are allowed to firmly believe them, especially here in the United States where that right is largely protected. However, if people take two seconds to think about the other person’s side of things, topics can actually be discussed and not turned into screaming matches. Think about how much you can change about yourself: not always having to be right, not resisting change, stop labeling unknown people/events/things, realizing how pathetic excuses are, and ultimately becoming more capable of empathy (some of these are points made in the article).

Now some critics out there may say these can be weak characteristics in a person. For example, some psychologists say labeling events and people can in some way help a person to make sense of what is going on around them. However, I am specifically talking about stereotyping and labeling in a hurtful way: labeling gays in a derogatory manner, labeling people with psychological problems, labeling people who are just a little bit different from you as “weirdos.” If you play devil’s advocate here, you would take a step back and think about what names people would call you. Everyone has something they dislike about themselves. Imagine if everyone you walked by at work, school, at the mall, etc. pointed out this one imperfection. Everyone sees everything, so don’t think you are above anyone.

Secondly, playing devil’s advocate can make you the better person. If you can take a step back and see where the other person is coming from, you truly are better than the other person. This does not mean you have to agree with them, especially on a personal opinion, but it just shows your true intellect if you can understand the perspective of others. If more people did this, conclusions and answers to problems may actually be formed.

Just something I think could make the world a little better. Like I said, it’s only my opinion in this matter, and you may disregard it. Hopefully you can at least understand where I am coming from, though. Thanks for reading and maybe taking something away from this post.

Until the next blog post,


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