Pinterest Epic Fails

So many unfortunate fails from Pinterest DIY. Do-It-Yourself is more of a test of your intellect. Please forever share your epic fails, so we can feel better about yourself and get a good laugh. Here are 12 for your delight. Enjoy!

1. The Rainbow Pancake Stack

funny1            U+21DB.gif          funny1-1-1

Throwing up the rainbow is what you would do if you had to eat these pancakes. A lot of internal things would be rainbow colored.


2. A Lip Full of Sprinkles

funny2          U+21DB.gif          funny2-2

“If I could just get that for you…”


3. The Classic Mozzarella Sticks

funny3              U+21DB.gif               funny3-3

Yikes, do not even stare at those sticks of cheese. They could clog your arteries automatically.


4. The Heated Crayon Art-piece

funny4               U+21DB.gif                  funny4-4

“Um, you did that wrong. All wrong.” This is one art-piece you do not want hanging on the wall.


5. Rainbow Layer Cake

funny5           U+21DB.gif               funny5-5

Is that plastic holding the cake up? Are those sticks or just really long candles? I think this one maybe should have gone straight to the trash can.


6. S’mores Layer Cookie

funny6             U+21DB.gif              funny6-6

Woah, that does not look right. It’s a giant glob of sugar…. and diabetes.


7. Marbled Nail Art

funny7                U+21DB.gif               funny7-7

Ah yes, I am a professional. Please call my nail studio for appointments.


8. Family Photo Stack 

funny8             U+21DB.gif            funny8-8

Hey little man, could you hold it together for ONE second? Why are they even laughing? I think that’s the most disturbing part.


9. The Wrap Skirt DIY

funny9             U+21DB.gif                funny9-9

Maybe just don’t go out of the house looking like that. It was an excellent attempt, though.


10. Minion Cake

funny10                 U+21DB.gif                    funny10-10

It’s too painful to look at, Dave! Look away at your poor brother in arms, who has fallen (facially).


11. Decorative Pumpkin Bread

funny12                  U+21DB.gif                   funny12-12

I don’t see the pumpkin at all. Nor do I see anything edible.


12. Newborn Photo Pose

funny13              U+21DB.gif              funny13-13

It’s torturous to even have to look at this. The poor child is already over life. Saddest child award goes to this diapered-dude.


If you attempt something on Pinterest, try it a few times before taking photos. And also don’t believe the photos. The Internet is all lies! Trust me, I know Photoshop.


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