Biden’s Announcement


What the Vice President’s announcement yesterday really told us was:
He’s human. 

Biden admitted to still grieving; he’s not trying to pretend it is all behind him. By doing this, he is relating to us, the citizens, even more. He is not acting like he’s stronger than us. Grief is a human reaction and we are all human. It is so unfortunate what is happened to his son and family, but some think he could use this to be passionate about the candidacy. That may very well be true, but we have to also accept that his grieving is not finished, and he acknowledges this could impact his campaign.

He’s honest. 

Biden did not try to fake anything or convince us otherwise. He wanted to explain to all of his supporters why their desire for him to run is not feasible. He does not want to commit to something and later let the people down. He knows what is expected of a candidate and realizes he is not capable of that full capacity right now. He’s one of few politicians, who have admitted his/her incapability to do something.

What does this all say? 

Joe Biden would have been a great candidate, but it’s not the time.

Best wishes, Joe! Thanks for being an awesome, train-loving, vocal, equality-pushing VP 

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