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How to Make Decisions as an Adult

Being an adult is hard. It is just too much work, too much thinking, too many consequences. One wrong decision and BAM, everything falls apart. One wrong move and WHACK, consequences for days. Take too long to make a decision and ****! (<– I didn’t even give you the first letter, there are many options here for you)

There are many things to decide on: where to live, what career to have, what jobs to take, maybe intern first, or maybe follow your dreams first? Then, there is always the classic healthcare, taxes, income, and cat food concerns.

It is not undergrad life anymore: no easy decision on what club to go to tonight, or what hour before the exam you should start studying, or what coffee at Starbucks to walk around with…I mean drink.

But, fear no more! Here is how you will make decisions on an adult-level. There’s no time for goofing off. There’s no time for baby steps. There’s no time for time.

1. Your brain will promptly notify you of decision-overload


2. Whatever decision comes to mind first is going to be the one you choose to worry about most


3. You will realize every other decision you choose to ignore will be GREATLY affected by the one you are focusing on


4. Your brain will react to the stress by telling you that you want to watch Netflix now


5. (days later) Your brain will suddenly remind you of your decision stress at 4:12am and force you awake


6. You will drink and eat a lot in the days of your decision


7. You will go days thinking everything is fine and it will all work itself out


8. You will be forced to make a decision because you verbalized it to one person and now have to stick with it


And there you go. See? Isn’t that helpful to know?


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I’m Done With: Holiday Couples 

Is it just me or are holiday couples worse than regular couples?

They drank the koolaid, and it’s really taking a toll on us single folks. We just need to make it to Valentine’s Day and all will be {more} normal.

For starters, does everyone get engaged for Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Is that part of the relationship agreement? As if everyone on my Facebook wasn’t engaged before, now they literally are all engaged. Thanks for ruining social media for me.


Second, there is way more PDA than other times of the year. I guess the cold weather makes the public snuggling acceptable? Or maybe it’s the Christmas caroling that makes the public snogging cute now? Well none of this is okay. …and yes I said snog….like in Harry Potter.


Next, how is it that all holiday couples are ten times more attractive? They are all glowing and basking in a golden light. It’s weird. They are all smiles, taking photographs together, and canoodling like a gorgeous J.Crew couple.


Lastly, holiday couples make normally-acceptable-single activities now unbearable. For example, going to get carry-out is way worse during the holidays because you get a glance of every table in the restaurant taken….by couples. Ice skating is out (literally all couples). Walking in the park is out (engagement photo shoots). Shopping is also out (couples are making their gift registries).



So a note to all you single people, keep your chin up and hang in there until February 15th. All magical annoying-ness will back to normal.



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Watch Cowspiracy and save the planet!

My roommate and I stumbled upon this documentary on Netflix called Cowspiracy and since we’re trying to be better humans to the planet, we decided to give this a watch! With a name like Cowspiracy, I assumed it was going to be about animals and it’s relation to vegan/vegetarianism. I am not a vegetarian nor do I ever plan on being one but this documentary is completely the opposite.

It’s insanely interesting from the very beginning and reveals that of all the emissions in the atmosphere, factory farming and byproduct production contributes to 51% of noxious gases released. 51%!! Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions which is more than all vehicular exhaust combined.

In order to produce one hamburger, we use over 600 gallons of water to help feed the cow, grow it’s crops and then factory produce a product. That’s 600 gallons per ONE…

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How to Save the Planet: Post Grad Style

UPDATED: April 2016

Climate change has been in the news a lot lately and will continue to be as long as we keep doing nothing.

I wrote a prior blog post about the statistics and facts surrounding climate change, in September 2015. However, I thought a good follow-up would be to write about what we can do to help save our home (aka: the planet).

It seems like all of the major changes involve major cash: hybrid cars, “green” houses, solar- and wind-powered electricity, etc. But, we are all just post-grads with little money, no scratch that, no money, and we feel like we cannot actually do anything worthwhile.

HAVE NO FEAR! There are a few things we can do to clean up our environment.

1.  Fashionable shopping

Re-usable grocery bags are fantastic ways to shop. Those trusty bags are either free on campus or $1 at the store. So stock up on a few and keep the bags in your car or trunk that way you are always ready to stop by for groceries. Plus, the bags are way cuter than those ugly brown plastic bags. Once you get home with your groceries, just put the re-usable bag by your car keys to remember to put the bags back in your car. Easy as pie. Speaking of pie, get to the store with your fancy bag and grab yourself some pie! blog11

2. Lumos Nox

Turn out them lights, y’all! Once you leave a room for more than 10 minutes, slap that switch on the wall and lights out! If you are coming back in the room within the next few minutes, it is actually better to keep the lights on because it takes more power to turn the lights on and off in a short period of time.


3. Mooooo

Eat less meat. Beef requires a TON of water to produce. Plus, your diet would agree with this decision; beef is not healthy for your heart at all. Anywho, back to the environment: cows’ gas seriously damages our ozone. Bet you didn’t know that one. Anddddd you are welcome for ruining that beef taco you were about to eat. #sorryChipotle


4. A single water bottle

Splurging on that cute re-usable water bottle at Target is actually a good thing. YES, I just said splurging at Target is okay! Almost 90% of plastic water bottles are not recycled. That is like you remembering to recycle 1 out of every 10 bottles you use, which is not a good statistic. And pure laziness. Using a re-usable water bottle can also help you remember to drink more water throughout the day, which is a great health tip. Protecting Earth and your body. Woo.


5. Cruise controllin’

It is actually better to put your car in cruise control when you are going long distances, and it can save gas mileage. So not only are you saving the planet, but you are also saving money! It is a win-win.


6. Technologically savvy

I do not need to go in much detail on this one; online reading, online banking, only communication, online shopping; working online. All of this saves paper (and therefore trees) and can save the air pollution because you drive less. Plus it can totally help you be lazy after work or on the weekends. Stay home every night? Not lazy, just environmentally conscious!


7. Active wear, active where

Take the stairs. Start out taking the stairs every few times (at work or at your apartment complex or wherever) and then slowly begin to take the stairs every time! Plus stairs can help you build up those leg muscles you have been wanting. Calves for days.


8. Shop in your pajamas

Shopping online saves gas, electricity, paper waste, and time. So basically, why NOT shop online? Now, don’t go on a shopping rampage and blame me. I’m just saying if you are going to shop, then maybe just surf the web instead of surfing the roads. Also, you’ll eat pavement if you literally surf the road, so maybe avoid that. AAAA

9. Bathroom Etiquette

This is not how to properly relieve your body of excess…stuff. Instead, this is how you should use hand dryers instead of paper towels. If a restroom gives you the option, you should go with the hand dryer. Plus, how fun is it to watch your skin warp on your hand? It is a really loud experience where you think a tornado has formed in your ears but think of all the cute polar bears you will save.




10.  Receipt?

NO THANKS. This one is easy because first of all, who actually wants those little pieces of paper? Ladies, how many do you have at the bottom of you purse right now? Don’t lie, you have a million. I do, too. The next time the cashier asks if you want a receipt, say no (thank you). Save the paper. And if you do get a receipt despite every attempt to avoid it, take it home and recycle. AA


These are just some ideas for you poor folks out there like me. Adulting is hard enough but then feeling guilty for slowly killing the planet is even worse. I tried to find the easiest and cheapest ways for you to do your part. And it is a great reminder for me, too. So thank you.


Want more ideas after you’ve conquered these bad boys? Check out this website




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Today is the day!

We all know it is time for the beautiful gowns on abnormally gorgeous women, and men in tuxes that actually fit their bodies absolutely perfectly, unlike those awful tuxes you were exposed to at your high school prom.
Gems and diamonds just dripping off of everyone and designer names being thrown around as often as the word “fries” is screamed at McDonald’s.

But this year, the Oscars is going to be a different kind of special.

For this is the year that all of his hard work is going to be awarded.

This is the year that everyone in the world can stand on their feet and salute the winner of Best Actor.

This is Leo’s year. Why should he win Best Actor?

1. Obviously, his role as Mr. Hugh Glass in The Revenant  and surviving a bear attak


2. He was robbed in 2013 by Matthew McConaughey


3. As he was robbed of the award in 2004 and 2006 (we won’t mention those names)


4. He is as worthy as previous winners such as Colin Firth, Denzel Washington, Daniel Day-Lewis, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, and many other great actors.


5. He has crushed every role he has undertaken (Wolf of Wall Street, Great Gatsby, Inception, Shutter Island, Blood Diamond…the list goes on, unlike the list of his Oscar wins….)


6. He is so good that he even has made you hate his guts at times (cough, cough…Django)


7. He was never properly awarded for not trying to get on that wooden plank and basically killing himself in Titanic


8. Lastly, he is single so please let Oscar comfort him late at night at least, Academy!



I’d like to take credit now for making #OscarforLeo a trending hashtag, so you’re welcome.







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I’m Done With: Eating

On to my second segment of things I’m Done With: first, driving in Florida, and now I’m done with eating.

Not only do the holidays mean all of your money being spent, it also means all of your diet plans are out of the window. As much as you tell yourself that you will be good this year, it never happens and don’t lie to yourself. So because of that, I’m done eating …. completely.

1. I’m about to explode

Every time someone mentions it’s lunch or dinner, I just want to explode from the inside out. I’m literally on the verge of erupting at any moment. Don’t you dare try to tickle me or else mashed potatoes will spew from from my eyeballs.

2. I hate myself

For all of you who said you ate healthy for the holidays: you are a liar and will never make it to heaven with that attitude. There is no way a person could eat healthy for the holidays or else they are not living properly. But, because I ate my holiday dinner like a normal person, I completely hate myself. I have covered all my mirrors so I don’t have to look at my shameful self. Bad self.

3. Leftovers have a special meaning

It is not just like your typical, weekly chicken-n-rice leftovers that barely pass as edible; holiday dinner leftovers are round two [or round three for some]. It is another entire feast for the day after you gorged on food. I just want one pathetic, stingy plate of food when it’s the acceptable time to eat.

4. I broke my own trust

I thought I could handle all of the sweets around me. I thought I had control. I thought I could stop. I thought I could say no. I thought I was stronger than that. But lo and behold, I am weak. What’s wrong with stuffing a dessert in my mouth while everyone opens presents, while we cook dinner, between every course of the meal, and after the meal?

5. Everything is boring now

After indulging in holiday goodness, it is hard to get back to reality and even harder to get back to realistic meals….like ramen noodles and cereal. All my hopes of delicious eating have been fulfilled and were even over-satisfied, but now it is time to get back to boring meals and flavorless dishes made from the scraps in the fridge or cupboard.



And on that note, I’m going to go finish off that tin of holiday cookies that has been calling my name as I write this post….




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