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Hands Up ūüôĆ Life’s a Roller Coaaaaa

“Life is a roller coaster.” How many times have we heard that in our two-decades or so on this planet? I mean unless you are afraid of going at uncontrollable high-speeds, being hurtled into the air, and being twisted in ways you did not think possible, roller coasters are great! So why do people say that line so negatively?

Terrifyingly fun is a better way to describe it, I guess. Life after undergrad is basically its own little roller coaster, apart from the full life roller coaster.

Here are the stages of life..I mean roller coaster riding….

1. Get on the roller coaster, keep your hands and arms inside:  the day of graduation

2. Climbing upward for what feels like an eternity, hurtled into unknown territory: the first summer or semester after undergrad, applying to jobs or waiting for graduate school

3. The first stomach-dropping dip: starting that first job or just getting an interview



4. The first upside-down loop: NOT getting that first job 
5.  Another heart-stopping drop: You hate your job and feel like you are stuck there forever



6. The high-speed twist or turn: everyone around you is getting engaged/married/having children



7. Sky-rocketed back into the air: you realize you don’t want to be married but instead be free



8. Gravity doing its job again and hurling you back to earth: you realize you got the wrong degree in undergrad and have no prospects of a good future

9. Slow, loud grinding stop back at the ride gates: you realize you have to go back to school…crap.



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A World with Prez Trump

Can you imagine a world with a president that has a some orange thing living on its head? What could our country look like? Here is a possible small glimpse…


1. Equal rights will have taken twenty steps backward

I mean women have periods, so we should definitely be treated differently. And allowing KKK members to be at your rallies definitely isn’t disgusting. A nation with Trump as our Commander in Chief will be one of great tension. It would be a time of recessive not progressive movements. Forget equal pay for women. That is a visionary idea of the past, and it is over now. Bye bye.


2. [minor] Violence will be socially accepted

Someone flips you the bird anywhere and you have the right to punch them out cold, apparently. It is totally fine to verbalize your desire to have someone leave the room in the stretcher.  It is also acceptable to make fun of people with disabilities. Basically, no morals is the new norm.
3. What is “of the people, by the people, for the people”?¬†

This presidency is the first of its kind: public good is not part of his agenda. He’s a businessman, not a politician. He does not work for the lower-socioeconomic-status citizens. Lower to middle class citizens will be left in the dust. He has no sense of doing “good” for others. New laws will be catered toward the already fortunate. It will be like “Divergent” with the middle and lower class being Abnegation and Trump and his followers will think they are Erudite…


4. Ten economic recessions and four economic depressions later…

He has been bankrupt how many times in his career? And, we want him in charge of our nation’s economy….it makes sense if you don’t think about it. The 2003 recession was bad…but imagine in a few years after president Trump in charge….our economy would be worse than Greece’s. Our economy is already starting to panic: people threatening to move, trade with our neighbors will be cut off from the giant wall, and we will all be bankrupt.


5. We will have few allies and little respect, as a country 

Trump literally talks down about anyone in his radar. How could he ever maintain international relations? ¬†He won’t. So, basically traveling to any country will result in us hanging our heads and staying silent…or learning to fake an awesome accent.



6. America will be as divided as it was in the 1860s 

The Republican party is already split because of this man, and just imagine the stressful divides if he becomes president. The KKK think it is gaining popularity again since Trump has not publicly denied connections to them (or a member of theirs). People are violently protesting at political rallies, which are supposed to be more of a peaceful grassroots speech. The partisan divide will be even greater. What comes from so many cracks and fissures?  Earthquakes.




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Stages of St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans¬†

The good ‘ole day of the Irish! The day when 80% of the population claims to be from the Emerald Isle. The parties are crazy and the times are good.

Everyone knows they have partied a little too hard with their fellow leprechauns, sloshed a little too much green beer on themselves, kissed too many red-bearded men. I think a lot of you can relate to these turn of events:

1. You trash your room looking for something green to wear

Crushed it. Even her underwear is green, I bet.

2. You start counting down the hours to when you can hit the parties 

I bet you look that dang cute, too. But probably not.

3.  Everything is green, like everything. 

Green beer really lasts a long time in your system, fair warning.

4. The men are trying way too hard to be Irish for the “Kiss me, I’m Irish” stunt

I can see you under that scratchy, carrot-based beard, good sir.

5. You forget how many drinks you’ve had so far and start chanting that you’re Iwishhhh

You’re the happiest dang person around, completely oblivious to your surroundings and your lack of Irish heritage.


6. True Irish folk are sitting in their normal bar stool completely judging you 

Look at these poor fools, only having one day of the year to be as cool as us.

7. You’ve really gone overboard on the drinks and everyone starts looking creepily alike¬†

Is it just me, or does everyone in here have red hair and freckles right now?

8. When your friend is pinched for the thousandth time because she was not wearing green…

She pours green beer on her shirt and looks around yelling “I’M WEARING GREEN NOW, YA HAPPY?”

9. Then you realize tomorrow is a Friday, and you have to party all over again  

Crashing home at 4am is definitely acceptable because if you think about it, you’ll do it again in 24hrs. Consistency is key!

So Happy St. Patrick’s day, everyone! And you’re welcome for letting you act as cool as us, true Irish folk for a day.



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There is an I in Single

There is a certain stigma that comes with saying, “Yes, I’m single.” But why? We should be free, independent, always-moving, chance taking beings while in our twenties. How to be Single was a great movie and really opened my eyes to the reality of being single and how to embrace it.

Why is it that when you see people or family, who you have not seen in awhile, ask if you are seeing someone? That is literally in the top three questions: “How are you? What are you doing? Are you dating anyone?” And why is it when you say no that they either purse their lips or go “aw” like it is a bad thing?

Maybe it is the way we say “no” back to them. Maybe we need to change our way of thinking to change the viewpoints of our singleness in others. Maybe the problem starts with us.

There are so many things we could be doing instead of being sad over not having a significant other. There are so many reasons we could be happy instead of being sad over not having a boyfriend or girlfriend.


If you think about it, we have only been on this planet for two decades and a good part of that time we are trying to forget our awkwardness ever happened. And, as much as we say we are getting old, we are actually not that old. Would you really want to be stuck with the same person for 60+ more years?! You need time for yourself; time to discover yourself and discover your passions. We have plenty of time for marriage and love. Be free, my child.


No commitment means no one to talk to about your plans. You can do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. You can move for a job and not have to work it out with another person’s career or life. You can take a chance with an internship far away and just pack up and leave. You can travel to visit fiends and not feel guilty for going.


Think about it: your future significant other can be anyone. Literally, the possibilities are endless. You can still dream who he or she will be, what they look like, what they like to do, what job they will have, etc. Being hopeful is not a bad thing. Many people say you can get your hopes up when reality comes knocking. I think of it as reality is just different than our specific daydreams, but that does not mean reality is bad.


You can do anything you want. You can go back to school, start a new job, travel or move wherever, make new friends of your choosing. The world is literally open to you, and no one can hold you back. Relationships require working, require putting others’ needs right alongside your own. But, being single is the best excuse to be selfish. It is all about you and you do not have to feel guilty for acting that way. You will have plenty of time later in life to worry about a spouse and children.


Try something new, meet someone new. Expand your knowledge. Immerse yourself in culture. Take a chance with your career and future. Make that leap you were afraid to before, without thinking of anyone but yourself. Take those chances now before you actually do have to settle down. Live freely and be happy and never look back.


One of my absolute favorite quotes comes from The Wanderess by Roman Payne: “She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.”


So embrace your singleness. Go forth and do something amazing with it before you have your happy ever after. Don’t regret not using your time alone to your advantage.



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