We’re Ruining Ourselves

And by ourselves, I mean our planet. We are literally ruining our future by not taking care of our precious earth right now. Our lifestyles are seriously messing things up. It’s Earth Month, so let’s become more aware and starting saving our world.


Did you know that  the U.S. makes up 5% of the world’s population, but we use 30% of the world’s natural resources?

Now, I’m no statistician, but I feel like those percentages do not really go together. The U.S. has virtually used all of its own natural resources and now it has taken over the resources of exploitable countries. By exploitable, I mean countries that have another country’s manufacturers use their land cheaply. These countries need the jobs provided, but it comes at a huge cost for the safety and health of the workers.

On average, 50 football fields worth of trees are cut down EVERY MINUTE. Do you know what trees do? Oh, just some casual things like proving shade, providing back scratchers for bears,  enriching the earth, providing foodstuff, and creating oxygen for us to survive. No biggie whatsoever.

But beyond that, our constant need for stuff has caused our planet to diminish. We always need the basics like food and water, but all of our other desires, wants, wishes like materialistic things is what’s hurting our ecosystems. Manufacturers of every day products and luxury items are pumping loads of carbon dioxide in the air, cutting down trees, ruining animal habitats, and risking the health of the workers. Did you know there are loads of chemicals in everything you buy? Even your pillowcases which you lay on for 8 hours every. single. night.? Yeah, gross. And, all those chemicals are seeping into the ground and water near factories.


Our country’s top three greenhouse gas emissions come from the electricity, transportation, and direct industries. The U.S. and China produce the most carbon emissions that impact the entire planet. Our carbon emissions don’t just stay levitating over the country, but it travels around the globe and severely impacts many countries. How bad is that of us?

Gas emissions not only impact human lives, but also impact animals’ ecosystems. Did you know 89 animal species have gone extinct in the last 400 years, which is 45x more than predicted from past extinction patterns? We are killing animals….indirectly, but nonetheless! Rhinos, tigers, elephants, turtles, and more. We’re sorry little tiger babies.

Want to learn more how big businesses are really impacting our planet and our health? Check out this awesome video: The Story of Stuff.







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