#NationalDoughnutDay – Tampa Style

Everyone knows how eating a sweet is the best part of the day, but Tampa, Florida, is taking breakfast sweets to the next level. There are two doughnut shops in Tampa that have some major popularity among locals and are very worthy of it:

Datz Dough and the Mini Doughnut Factory


Datz opened its sweet shop, i.e. doughnut heaven, in 2011 and has already been featured in FYI’s “What the Fung”, Food Network Canada, and The Cooking Network’s “Doughnut Showdown.” Its claim to fame was the massive bacon-topped glazed doughnut. But, the originality does not stop there! Everything from cereal topped, birthday cake, red velvet, s’mores, blueberry, PB&J, and more keeps this dough shop popular. New creations are added often and some oldies make some repeat appearances when you least expect it! You never know what you will get when you walk it, which only makes it more acceptable to go there often.

But donuts is not the only specialty that Datz has up its sleeve! Holiday-themed lattes and blended beverages are offered. Lucky Charms Latte was one of my personal favorites. Also, I’m Irish, so I am probably a wee bit biased, but hey my vote still counts. There is always a classic Bacon Latte, Nutella Latte, and a Butterbeer Latte. Okay, my inner Harry Potter will briefly come out, and I’ll have to admit the Butterbeer is possibly tied for my favorite…

And lastly, Datz Dough has DOUGHNUT ICE CREAM CONES. You are welcome for officially making you hungry. There is literally nothing else to say except: genius.


(Obviously I feel no guilt eating Datz Doughnuts)

Next up on the Doughnut Tour a la Tampa is the Mini Doughnut Factory. As the name suggests, this place makes the cutest, petite-iest, tiniest donuts. And, that only means it is completely acceptable to eat more of them [obviously]. The fact that the donuts are tiny is not the only reason to check this place out; the toppings are where it’s at! Your taste buds will definitely appreciate the creativity here.

Some of the specialties include, but are not limited to: Nutella Churro, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter Cup, S’mores, Fruit Loop, French Toast, and more. Like Datz, new ideas pop up all of the time. The best thing is that since the donuts are small, you can try multiple flavors at once without feeling guilty or forcing yourself to make such a stressful, soul-crushing, nail-biting, sweat-beaded-forehead decision of only choosing one doughnut. Basically, by my calculations, four donuts equal one, so you can try out four different tiny bites of goodness in one sitting. Gotta love math when it involves donuts.

You can buy these amazing babies anywhere from 3-packs to 25-packs and more! Perfect for parties, office celebrations, a quick breakfast for one (or two if you have to share), or dessert.

Like with Datz, the Mini Doughnut Factory has the classic coffees, lattes, and….. A DOUGHNUT MILKSHAKE. Think a milkshake is a glorious treat? Well, add a tiny doughnut on the straw and you have “holey” gloriousness. Ha ha, I’m so punny.


(Be jealous of my Cotton Candy Doughnut…be very jealous)


So in order to celebrate National Doughnut Day properly, head to one of these local shops and gorge on… I mean treat yourself with…. Tampa-style donuts.


Any other doughnut suggestions for Tampa? Comment below! Go #NationalDoughnutDay



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