About Me

My name is Shayla. And these are my opinions and social commentaries on life for all my fellow twenty-something- year old friends.

My Blurb: I am a twenty-something-year-old riding this crazy wave called life. Like most young adults these days, the struggle bus has stopped right at my door-front, waiting to pick me up. Honestly, the darn thing could not have pulled up any closer. But, I’m not alone. Hopefully, you’re reading my blogs because you can relate to me as well. I hope so or else, this is all just me talking to a blank screen…which may cause someone to call a doctor on me.

I like to find the humor in a lot of post-grad situations. I think a laugh can go a long way. I think it’s important to find the bright side or the humorous side to life’s situations. If we don’t, then we have fallen victim to failure. And we are the best generation so far in history! Nothing can beat us!

Blog Aspirations: Provide humorous, interesting articles that entertain YOU. Be a life-coach to those in your twenties. Be a random source of information, especially on things you didn’t think you needed to know. Make my own dreams come true.

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