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Phases of Thanksgiving-Prep

We all know what this time of year means: time to get FAT. We aren’t even shameful about it. We know it’s coming, and we have totally accepted it. As we approach the last week until doomsday, we have to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare ourselves for Thanksgiving dinner.


Phase One: Stretching

….because we all know that eating such massive amounts of food requires agile bodies.

The Big Bang Theory .... toe touch. This is one of my favorite episodes. I even used it for class!!!!:


Phase Two: Practice the Stare Down

…because grandma doesn’t stand a chance, and you will get that last scoop of stuffing.

Funny, lol:



Phase Three: Mind Games

….because like they always say “mind over matter” and you can’t gain weight if your mind isn’t in it.

thanksgiving meme 020 oh look pie:


Phase Four: House Prep

…because all the mirrors need to be covered and scales tucked far, far away.

Image result for set scale back


Phase Five: Social Media Cleanse

…because we need to post all our skinny photos now and just hide from Instagram and Facebook for the next couple weeks after gorging on turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and miscellaneous carbs.

Related image


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Expectation vs. RL: Fall

It’s finally officially fall, which means a lot of raw emotions. New flavors at Starbucks, new candle scents from Yankee Candles, re-decorating your home in burnt orange and leaves, and finally SCARF and BOOT wardrobe combos.

But, like everything, the autumn we have made up in our minds will be a little off from reality. So, please enjoy this next segment of Expectation vs. Reality!


1. Drinks

Expectation: Warm, comforting drinks that both taste like and smell like fall

Reality: PSL’s haunt your Starbucks stops, your work encounters, your social media, your friendships, your nightmares….



2. Fashion

Expectation: Skinny jeans with knee-high boots and the cutest scarf

Reality: Sweatshirts… every… day…



3. Holiday Cooking

Expectation: Successfully trying out new recipes you found in Southern Living

Reality: Burning the potatoes….even if that’s not even possible



4. Thanksgiving 

Expectation: Worked out months before and only eat small portions

Reality: Gained ten pounds after the first round of Thanksgiving, then you go for seconds



5. Decorations

Expectation: Jack-o-Lanterns, candles, a new door mat, and maybe even a cornucopia

Reality:  You’re a poor millennial, so you are forced to be creative



6. Cozy Nights In

Expectation: The fire crackling, chai tea breweing, and the Hallmark Channel

Reality: You watch Hocus Pocus on replay, by yourself



Happy #FirstDayofFall!

Until next time



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Last Day of Summer, Last Day Things are Allowed

Well, today is the day, folks. The day that glorious, carefree months end.

It’s the last day of summer (technically).

You know what that means?

  1. It’s the last day that cool drinks at Starbucks are acceptable
  2. It’s the last day you can pretend you are not really back at school (or work)

  3. It’s the last day it is warm because apparently nature knows tomorrow is the first day of fall
  4. It’s the last day for pools to be open (in the north)
  5. It’s the last day before boots are on every girl’s feet

    6. It’s the last day before the holiday decorations explode everywhere


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