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Expectation vs. RL: Fall

It’s finally officially fall, which means a lot of raw emotions. New flavors at Starbucks, new candle scents from Yankee Candles, re-decorating your home in burnt orange and leaves, and finally SCARF and BOOT wardrobe combos.

But, like everything, the autumn we have made up in our minds will be a little off from reality. So, please enjoy this next segment of Expectation vs. Reality!


1. Drinks

Expectation: Warm, comforting drinks that both taste like and smell like fall

Reality: PSL’s haunt your Starbucks stops, your work encounters, your social media, your friendships, your nightmares….



2. Fashion

Expectation: Skinny jeans with knee-high boots and the cutest scarf

Reality: Sweatshirts… every… day…



3. Holiday Cooking

Expectation: Successfully trying out new recipes you found in Southern Living

Reality: Burning the potatoes….even if that’s not even possible



4. Thanksgiving 

Expectation: Worked out months before and only eat small portions

Reality: Gained ten pounds after the first round of Thanksgiving, then you go for seconds



5. Decorations

Expectation: Jack-o-Lanterns, candles, a new door mat, and maybe even a cornucopia

Reality:  You’re a poor millennial, so you are forced to be creative



6. Cozy Nights In

Expectation: The fire crackling, chai tea breweing, and the Hallmark Channel

Reality: You watch Hocus Pocus on replay, by yourself



Happy #FirstDayofFall!

Until next time



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