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What We Really Want for Christmas

It’s that time of year again that requires you to buy everyone, who you’ve ever crossed paths with, a gift. And your family repeatedly asks for what you want as a present.

The truth is, what we really actually want, no one can buy for us.


1. Calorie-less food that doesn’t taste like vegetables



2. Money (like a lot)

However, it's hard when everything costs your soul and more.


3. A job that doesn’t suck…well, maybe just a job will work

How hard it's going to be for me to find a job after I leave my present one.lol,my town has no need for art majors:


4. A re-do on the whole election thing

Follow✭ @badgalronnie ✭:


5. The ability to be socially chill around our crushes

↞ real eyes, realize, real lies ↠:


6. The chance to erase our middle school years

Wow. That looks....um...nice on you ostrich!:

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Leap Year Shenanigans

WOO we get an extra day this year. An entire 24-hours to do anything you would like. A freebie day. A second chance. An actual birthday for some of you.

What are you going to this fine day of February 29th?

Work. Because it is a DANG MONDAY.

Not only will you work (or go to class) but it is a Monday on top of all of this. We get to waste our special extra day on the worst day of the week. Our 366th day is wasted on hating the world.

But if you’re going to sit there on an extra day of the year, you may as well know a few interesting facts about it.

Here’s what you did not know about Leap Year:

1. It takes the earth a little bit less than 365 ¼ days (365.242 days) to orbit the Sun (solar year). For this reason, the full day is only added once every four years. Gross, math. blog1


2. Women are [allowed or] encouraged to propose to men on Leap Year…guess it’s good luck or something? So, in other words, Leap Year is a feminist holiday.



3. There is a 1 in 1,461 chance a child will be born on Leap Year. So if you’re a Leapling, you should probably never gamble. 



4. People with annual or fixed salaries actually don’t get paid for the extra day…work for free? No thank you. Power to the unemployed post-grads!



5.  Two important things happen every year there is a Leap Year: a presidential election and the summer Olympics. We have an extra day to watch the shenanigans of election season; aren’t we lucky?! 




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It’s Not December


So last time I checked, November comes after October….not December.

I get Christmas is exciting, decorating a giant tree with strings of popcorn, greedily awaiting your presents, selectively recalling the actual meaning of the holiday, and eating the cookies you set out for a man, who will never appear (sorry to have to tell you that). But why does that mean Thanksgiving should be tossed aside and forgotten, like that gift grandma got you?


It is said the original Thanksgiving may not have been as happy as we would like to portray it, but its representation is real and something to keep alive. It’s a day that reminds us what we need to be thankful for. It’s a day to test our patience. It’s a day to ruin our dieting plans.


What’s better than gorging on massive amounts of carbs and turkey? I mean, who really needs to go on a diet? This ONE day won’t make you explode. It will make your pants explode right off you, but you won’t be harmed…much.


You are killing the soul of many out in the world, who actually look forward to Thanksgiving, by just skipping right over it like you skip over the salad portion of the meal. You are the reason my soul is crushed. Plus you’re apparently killing reindeer, too.


So this is a call to action to remember the fallen turkeys. Remember the lost holidays that Hallmark didn’t create.

Bring back Thanksgiving at full force!

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Cheers to the Lucky Charms

With it being St. Patrick’s Day, I felt it would be fun to give some facts about Ireland. Being Irish, it’s all about bleeding green, orange and white for my family. But there are some fun facts everyone else should know about the mug-clinking, green beer-chugging, slurred-chanting holiday on March 17th.

1.  St. Patrick was actually not born in Ireland.


WHAT? That just ruins the whole premise, I know. But he did do a lot of BA stuff for the Irish, even though he was actually kidnapped from his home in Scotland and taken to Ireland. For example, he drove out all of the snakes. Literally, he would be a hailed hero by me for just that. Mr. Saint Patrick also used the shamrock to teach the people about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thereby making this one of the most famous and publicize weed ever known to the planet. Dandelions on a T-Shirt? Nah. Give me a clover!

 2. Less than 10% of Irishman are redheads.


Photo from: gallery.yopriceville.com

There’s another stereotype down the drain. Thanks a lot, The Google. I mean, are they just evolving and losing the redhead gene or was it always lies? Were the small handful of redheads in Ireland plastered across every Irish-related paper, movie, and reference? This is like waking up and realizing your whole life was full of lies. Do the Irish even eat corned beef and cabbage? Do they even have leprechauns? Did they even invent the Lucky Charm? Lies. If you find a redheaded Irish friend, hold them tight and don’t let go. They are a unique group and need our support!

 3. They eat potatoes with LITERALLY everything.


Be honest, how many of you read the “literally” in all caps and said it with a Chris Traeger’s voice from Parks and Rec? Anyway, the Irish folk literally have potatoes with every single food item. And then they serve potatoes on the side of your dinner plate, which already has potatoes on it. Any and every type of potato you could think of. I had lasagna in Ireland (they’re very cultured with their food options, you know) last summer and it came with potatoes. I had Shepard’s Pie, which comes with mashed potatoes baked inside it, and yet it came with a side of fries, and then there was a side of boiled potatoes for the table to share. It is carb heaven, I’ll tell you that much.

 4. Ireland is actually two countries.


The land mass we call the “Green Isle” is actually two nations. One is Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland, which is the southern and mid-part of the land. The upper part is Northern Ireland and is part of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland also has English flags everywhere, and the Republic of Ireland is the nation with the green, white, and orange flag. So when you say “Kiss me, I’m Irish,” it doesn’t refer to the English-loving, pound sterling-using Loyalists. Cheers to freedom, ya bloody potato lovers!

 5. Ireland boasts about one pub per 100 people.


That’s about a pub per family! Or one pub per undergraduate class! This one thing the Irish have perfected. Not only are there that many bars, there are that many crowded bars. I think every 100 person assigned to a bar goes every night. They swig down Jameson and Guinness, like it is water, and eat vinegar chips. Jameson, the good spirit of Ireland, however John Jameson is a Scottish family name. I see what you did there; taking a Scottish drink but making it so much better with that smooth Irish twist.


So remember these fun facts and impress your friends tomorrow. And better yet, if you’re Irish now you sound legit!

You’re welcome.

** Sláinte = “Cheers”, toast to this tomorrow **



[Photos taken by me in the beautiful homeland]


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