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Expectation vs. RL: Turning 25

Expectation versus Real Life: 25th birthday edition. After your 21st birthday, we’re told everything is downhill after that: “The next big one is 30!” We’re told that 25 isn’t said to be hugely celebrated; if anything, it’s deemed our quarter-life-crisis. But fear not, you’re not alone in your realization that life isn’t what you expected. You have me, at least…


1. Career

Expectation: Account Manager at some fancy-pants, Fortune 500 dream company putting your hard-earned college degree to good use

Reality: Bottom-level employee at a relative’s business, doing work that requires a free high school degree and not that college degree that sent you thousands of dollars into debt



2. Money

Expectation: Enough money for rent, food, and going out once a week and some left over for all the bridal shower and wedding gifts you need for friends

Reality: You’ve gone down to 1 and 1/2 meals a day and two showers a week



3. Significant Others

Expectation: You’re in a long-term relationship with the person you see yourself with forever – omg yay, so cute

Reality: You’ve started considering a monk-like, life of solitude and writing about it for money – since you have zero of that to go with your zero mate-prospects



4. A General Sense of Having Your Sh** Together

Expectation: Gracefully balancing work, life, and a healthy lifestyle #crushingit

Reality: Incapable of balancing your food on a paper plate



5. Being Healthy

Expectation: You go to the gym 5 times a week and managed to find a healthy diet that works for you, helping you to be slimmer than high school so you can shame those haters from 10 years ago

Reality: You have to go up the stairs at work because the elevator is terrifying, but you reward yourself with a Venti Starbucks every day



6. Friendships

Expectation: You have multiple close friends and a huge group to hang out with on weekends, always staying busy and taking adorable Insta photos together

Reality: Everyone lives in a different state in different time zones with different schedules and you’re alone every Friday night



7. Your Future

Expectation: Crystal clear, ducks lined up in a row, and the world at your fingertips

Reality: It’s the Grim – thanks, Prof Trelawney!



What have you learned since turning 25? Comment below to share with me!

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Types of: Coworkers

As we begin our life in the workforce, we realize that every job has the same people. Well, maybe not the same looking people but the same types of people. So, the real question is where do you fit in this group of misfits?


  1. The Cookie Monster

This person goes around to everyone’s office and takes whatever sweets, candies, or snacks they can find. You think they are coming into your office (or cubicle) to say hi, but really they just want a piece of candy that’s sitting on your desk. This person even goes into offices after people leave to grab some sweets. You garbage disposal, you.


  1. The Pushover

This person goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy, from replenishing the coffee to make copies of stuff for you, to organizing and reorganizing the entire office every other day. You need to take like just one chill pill, man.



  1. The Therapee

This person talks to everyone about everything because they obviously don’t get enough attention at home from their spouse or their cat. Either way, they treat everyone like a therapist, and it’s so stressful. I CAN’T HELP YOU WITH YOUR COOKING FAIL AT YOUR IN-LAWS LAST NIGHT, SARAH.



  1. The Confucius

Unlike the actual Confucius, this person has literally no idea what’s going on in life. Sometimes they even make you wonder if they know they work here. They walk around asking everyone else what to do or how to work something. This may even be the upper-level employees. How do you still not know how the coffee dispenser works?!



  1. The Juggler

This is the person that has just WAY too much to do. They are barely in the office and when they are, they don’t have time to talk to anyone unless you literally trip them in the hallway to talk for the few seconds it takes them to stand back up. Usually, it’s the bosses or the VPs because they have a million meetings to attend, but chances are that they have no idea what the meetings are about…even after they leave.



  1. The Millennial

This person is constantly on their phone or social media accounts. Every time you walk by they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…or even blogging…  Anyway, no matter the age or if they are actually a millennial, this person can’t stop socializing online. Hopefully, they also have a job in social media marketing or something similar so that they can cover up their addiction and not get fired their second day.



  1. The Mom

This person is the one who would bring in pastries on Mondays and remember people’s birthdays so there was a cake for them. It’s more than likely a female only because most men can barely remember their own birthdays, so let’s just be sexist for this one. Anyway, this is the person you want to be friends with right away because they’ll probably tell you first that there’s free food in the conference room.



Comment below which is you!

Until next time,



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