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2017 Predictions

We all know that 2016 is ending (hallelujah) and 2017 is a mere wink away (can it really get worse?). We also all know that Buzzfeed quizzes are like the internet and can’t lie to us. Thus, I took all the quizzes to find out what 2017 will bring for me. Four relationship quizzes and one general quiz… no I’m no desperate, I’m just interested in knowing my future right now.

Here’s what my 2017 is going to shape up to look like. It’s a pretty crowded year, so I better start saving money and planning! I’ll be back in December 2017 to tell you how accurate all of this is… because obviously it will all be true.


  1. I’ll FINALLY lower my standards…I mean find someone.





2. Not only will I definitely be in a relationship (c’mon, got that result three times) but he’ll pop the question!



3. Oh god, I’ll have to plan a wedding in less than a year. Mom? Dad? You ever rob a bank?



Take some of the quizzes here: Food or Relationship or Future


I’ll repost in a year and let you know how (in)accurate these results are!


Happy 2017, y’all



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Why I actually need a boyfriend 

It is almost Valentine’s Day everyone, and we all know what that means: a day of constant reminders that we are in fact still single. Looking at all of the cute couples posting photos of their nice dinners out, flowers, champagne glasses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, etc., I actually only think of the practical reasons I would need a significant other. 

I mean I can buy myself a whole bottle of champagne. My mom gets me chocolates. And my dad can send me flowers….if I ask him….and then remind him again….and then again. But still, I don’t need a man for all of that. 

I don’t need a guy for anything romantic. 

Not to tell me I’m beautiful because I am…on the inside. 

Not to hold my hand because I tend to not see cracks in the sidewalk and don’t need to take both of us down. 

Not to buy me chocolates because those are always on my weekly grocery list. 

Not to watch movies with because I get way too invested in the characters and get emotional…no one needs to see me like that. 
However, what I do need a boyfriend for is…

To pay for my meals  

To kill bugs for me 

To clip my jewelry together


To pay for my Netflix subscription


To remind me to pay my bills 


To drive my places


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Things We Should All do in our Twenties


Before you worry about not finding “The One” or settling down or acting like a ‘real adult’, there are a few things you should really do for yourself.


  1. Travel

Plan a trip or go spur of the moment! Visit a friend, take a friend, or make new friends on an adventure. Although this is a time in life that you may not have a lot of money, it is the best time to travel. No kids to drag along with you and no work schedule for you and your significant other to work around. Plus, that is what the Internet is for! So many blogs and travel sites have ideas for cheap ways to travel. You need to travel to appreciate things and culture, to appreciate what you have, and to live out your dreams.

  1. Live on Your Own

Whether you have roommates or moved back home after undergrad, you need to leave all of that behind and live on your own for at least the length of one lease. Experience time on your own, so you can prove to yourself and others that you can survive on your own if needed. Teach yourself to not be afraid of the dark! Or just keep every single light on. That’s okay, too.

  1. Find a Career Interest

This is the time of internships, volunteering, temporary jobs, and part-time work. It is time to test different career interests out. Internships are the best (paid ones are a gold mine) because you can test a career option out for a specific amount of time: if you hate it, the day it’s over just toss your ID badge to the wind and find another internship, but if you love it, grab those contacts and work on a way to a full-time position!

  1. Be Happy In Your Own Skin

Be comfortable with who you are. Don’t worry about what you wear, what your make-up looks like, what brand your accessories are. It is not as much a fashion war out here like it was in high school or even undergrad. Don’t worry about judgments and just feel comfortable being 100% YOU. Go out and buy that superhero shirt you always wanted to rock, or that Minion tank that’s irresistible, or that crazy outfit you used to think would make you unpopular.

  1. Maintain Solid Friendships

Up until now in your life, you probably have a few friendships that have outlasted any significant other you have dated. Don’t let those relationships dwindle because you’re too busy trying to “find a man” or a girl. Many people lose friends while they are trying to get the attention of a possible partner. Our twenties is the time to find people to laugh, cry, cheer, and explore with. These friendships keep us grounded throughout our lives, through thick and thin. It is important to have friends in life. Even when you eventually settle down, you will still need friends.

  1. Be Grounded in Your Faith (whatever it may be)

It does not matter what you believe in (God, gods, Jesus, no Jesus, Mother Nature, Fate, etc.). As long as you have grounded morals and have something to keep you accountable to, you will be set in life. Give thanks, forgive, be patient, be optimistic, and help others. You need faith to keep you going in the hard times, so you need to start grounding yourself now before the real tough stuff comes.


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Fairytale Endings are Ending

Love is not a fairytale, no princes are involved, and no fairy dust to turn things beautiful. Harsh I know, but it’s the truth.


It involves commitment, cooperation, coordination, giving up things. Our generation grew up watching Disney princess movies. With the exception of Mulan, every movie had a prince come to save the day and sweep the girl off her feet. Now if a guy went to pick up a girl in public, the police would be called, a restraining order would be given, and the man would be left without a girl in his arms. Men used to court the women they were interested in: meet her family, have tea, bring flowers, watch from a distance with respect, and approach her with poetic words declaring his long-lived love for her. Today…the cops would be called as well and the man would be labeled a stalker and psychotic.

So we twenty-something-year-olds were raised in the romantic ideals of a fairytale ending and were left with a false hope of such ending for ourselves.

Who wouldn’t like Prince Eric aimlessly walking around a beach listening for our beautiful voices?


Or who wouldn’t want a street-smart, quick, cunning Aladdin rushing in on a carpet to steal food for us?


Who wouldn’t want the large, poor-tempered not-so-cuddly Beast with anger management problems?


I read another blog post recently about how it is happening more frequently that people to never get married. At first this was a little shocking because I thought everyone is told that they all have our soul mate out there. We are constantly told to never give up on finding our match because someone is out there made just for us. However this article quoted some statistics on how many people are staying single throughout their entire lives now. This is our culture today: one-night stands, flirting for physical desires, friends with benefits, and the likes. People are losing the sense of a relationship for many reasons and are becoming content with just “getting around.”

It may be because of our cultural norms to be independent, selfish in our goals and desires, and unwillingness to work with others. People think it is too much work to be married, too much commitment, too much of giving up something for someone else. Our individualistic society does not mix well with this. We want to get our dream job in the city of our choice, we want to spend our money on ourselves, we put our goals first, we, we, we. This competitiveness does not blend well with the survival of a long-term relationship.

Now the article did go on to say how it is okay to be single and not ever get married; it is not a weird thing or loser-like. The article also mentioned how all we need to do is be happy with ourselves. Fall in love with our own selves. It is a good suggestion because we need to be happy on our own; we don’t need a life partner to make us who we are, to make us whole, to define us. This part of the article was very thought-provoking and great to understand.

This article along with the idea that fairytale, magical endings are not as real as Disney made them seem, it just goes to show how much the idea of “love” and “romance” has changed. This a new era of love. Books and movies still demonstrate that sweet, old romance. Don’t set your standards of romance too high or too specific because chances are that you will meet your future spouse in a normal setting, you will go on typical dates, he/she will be of average stature, but the feelings will be magical. Just hold on to that small hope that the emotions and memories are filled with magic fairy dust making everything prefect, beautiful, sparkly. And there’s your perfect romance: of the mind.




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