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Shark Bait Hoo Ha Ha

In case you were not aware, Shark Week 2016 is already halfway over. Only 4 more nights of terrifying yet captivating television until Scandal comes back in the fall.

Here are some mid-week facts to fuel your shark interest:


  1. Sharks mature very slowly

A whopping 12-15 years actually, which may be quick to humankind (especially for males…), but it is pretty delayed compared to other animals.


  1. Tiger Shark embryos eat one another in the womb

And then it starts eating the unfertilized eggs in its mother. Talk about tough sibling competition.



  1. If you are being chased by a shark, pray it’s a Whale Shark

Sounds horrible, whale + shark = gianormous; but, these big guys swim away from humans. They do not have time to chase dummies like us.




  1. Not a Whale Shark after you? Then, next hope for a Greenland Shark.

It’s rare to find this shark since it lives in freezing waters, BUT it is the slowest moving “fish” ever recorded. So there’s that.



  1. It estimated that 270,000 sharks are killed daily

One article found this number through conservation organizations’ research. It may seem good news to us, but it is very bad for shark populations and survival.



  1. They can’t be bony

That is because they do not have bones. Sharks are just giant blobs of cartilage.



  1. Respect your elders

Sharks were around before dinosaurs, so I would say it’s smart to just steer clear and let them do their thang.



  1. Rough bedroom role playing

Female sharks have tougher/thicker skin because males tend to bite while mating.


“You went too far this time, Jim.”


  1. Keep sharks in the wild

Captive female sharks can reproduce without a male’s assistance… yes, cloning. What’s scarier than a shark? A cloning shark.



  1. Out of balance

Multiple species of sharks and rays are near endangerment, which can severely impact the balance of life under the sea. Head to WWF to learn more.




 Want more random, fun facts to out-smart your coworkers and friends?

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