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Bullet Journaling #trending

No, bullet journaling does not involve shooting a journal. No guns are used in the making of this organizational tool. This trend is so calming because it literally throws your entire life into one journal for you, and setting it up is like the coloring-therapy trend that was so last year. So basically, it’s personalized perfection.


What is it you may ask? It is literally a customizable organization tool to help you do more with less, according to Bullet Journal. ┬áIt can be anything you want: a to-do list, a journal, a memory-book, a random idea book, and more. Actually, it can be all of those in one. The best part? There is no set pattern or way to do it. Just look up some examples online and you are on your way. Also, fun fact to make you want to go to their website, they have a lightning bolt in their title…#harrypotter?


Anyway, I had no idea what it was until I read a blog post about it from The Lady Project, and suddenly I was hooked! Thanks, ladies for this new addiction. Finally I can blame somone for something.


So here’s my bullet journal. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired to start your own:



Share your Bullet Journal ideas with me by commenting below!

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