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Expectation vs. RL: Turning 25

Expectation versus Real Life: 25th birthday edition. After your 21st birthday, we’re told everything is downhill after that: “The next big one is 30!” We’re told that 25 isn’t said to be hugely celebrated; if anything, it’s deemed our quarter-life-crisis. But fear not, you’re not alone in your realization that life isn’t what you expected. You have me, at least…


1. Career

Expectation: Account Manager at some fancy-pants, Fortune 500 dream company putting your hard-earned college degree to good use

Reality: Bottom-level employee at a relative’s business, doing work that requires a free high school degree and not that college degree that sent you thousands of dollars into debt



2. Money

Expectation: Enough money for rent, food, and going out once a week and some left over for all the bridal shower and wedding gifts you need for friends

Reality: You’ve gone down to 1 and 1/2 meals a day and two showers a week



3. Significant Others

Expectation: You’re in a long-term relationship with the person you see yourself with forever – omg yay, so cute

Reality: You’ve started considering a monk-like, life of solitude and writing about it for money – since you have zero of that to go with your zero mate-prospects



4. A General Sense of Having Your Sh** Together

Expectation: Gracefully balancing work, life, and a healthy lifestyle #crushingit

Reality: Incapable of balancing your food on a paper plate



5. Being Healthy

Expectation: You go to the gym 5 times a week and managed to find a healthy diet that works for you, helping you to be slimmer than high school so you can shame those haters from 10 years ago

Reality: You have to go up the stairs at work because the elevator is terrifying, but you reward yourself with a Venti Starbucks every day



6. Friendships

Expectation: You have multiple close friends and a huge group to hang out with on weekends, always staying busy and taking adorable Insta photos together

Reality: Everyone lives in a different state in different time zones with different schedules and you’re alone every Friday night



7. Your Future

Expectation: Crystal clear, ducks lined up in a row, and the world at your fingertips

Reality: It’s the Grim – thanks, Prof Trelawney!



What have you learned since turning 25? Comment below to share with me!

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