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Rawr. It’s Shark Week.


Well, folks, it is that time of year where everyone in their right mind becomes un-right. People’s minds get infested…like the oceans apparently…with sharks. This next week is one where people are so obsessed with teeth, Jaws, bites, and blood that this deserves its own holiday spot on calendars.

Even our pets are suffering from our sporadic infatuation of the bone-crunching monsters of the sea. If your cat or dog could speak to you, they wouldn’t…they would just slap you.

blog2                  blog3

What you could witness this week:

First, some of the clothing options become…special.

Some of the things people wear this week are “People of Walmart” level. You will start to see shark shirts and tanks everywhere for the next few days. It’s a yearly craze that cannot be stopped. You may as well stock up now for the rest of your life. However, sometimes the line between clothing and costumes gets blurred. If ‘normal’ clothes aren’t enough for you to show off your recently acclaimed fascination of sharks, try a costume. People dress up like it is Halloween, and yet no one questions is. It just proves you are extremely dedicated, like these here fine gentleman.

blog4 blog5 blog6

What an odd placement of that shark tail on that costume…

Next comes shark-themed munchies at your neighborhood Shark-Week-party. These snacks go above and beyond in making you lose your appetite. Ah, the site of blood really makes me hungry. Thanks for now ruining food for me, Discovery Channel.

blog7                     blog8

I can no longer eat watermelon without a little gag first.

Then come all of the facts that completely reverse the idea of shark week. See, by making a 7-day event on just sharks, it would seem that the oceans are crowded with them and shark attacks happen on the daily. Then, you find out that none of this is actually true. Thus, the entire premise of this week is reversed. We are simultaneously becoming terrified yet calmed. Thanks for the emotional confusion, Discovery Channel!


So turn on the TV and start your week. We all get sucked into this non-official holiday. It’s time to re-live your childhood fears of going into the water at the beach. It’s time to have Jaws nightmares again. It’s time to watch TV in a cold sweat.

It’s officially Shark Week!


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10 Things They Didn’t Tell You about Yoga

So we have all seen friends post photos on Instagram of them doing headstands on the beach or in the Grand Canyon. This has then caused you to pursue the art of yoga. You want to see what the craze is all about. I mean, how hard can it be, right? Just holding poses and listening to your breathing. Well what they did not tell you was: THIS IS HARD. Here’s a list of things you will find to be true with your first yoga class.

  1. The Fellow Yoga-ers

When you pull up to the yoga studio, you get a quick glance of the other people going inside while you mentally prepare yourself. This is when you first start to reevaluate your idea of starting yoga. The people strut in, chins held high, tight yoga pants and tank tops revealing their overly toned bodies, and their professionally rolled yoga mat under their arm. Then you get out of the car in tight-ish yoga pants, a t-shirt and no mat. Thank God you remembered water, right?

  1. The Price

When you enter the studio, you walk up to the counter where a very kind person welcomes your warmly. You have to pay for a single class. Then they ask you about a yoga mat, which you need to rent. Then they ask about renting a towel. You pause to answer but slyly look around at everyone else and decide to rent one of those, too. GOOD DECISION, especially if you are taking a hot yoga class. This all adds up and about $20 later you are ready for the class to start.

  1. The Clothing

You go to put your extra belongings in a cubby before entering the yoga room. While you do this, you slowly, inconspicuously size up the rest of the people going into the room. The attire is in a whole fashion category of its own. And you are way out of style. The brighter and more eccentric the pattern is on the yoga pants, the better you are. The tighter the tank top, the more professional you are. Just a sports bra? You’re a yoga-goddess.

  1. The Class

So you have now checked everyone out and realized what you are up against. As you walk into the yoga room, you get blasted with a wave of heat hotter than the dessert (for hot yoga people only). People have rolled their mats out in a perfect pattern on the floor as close to the front as possible, so you strategically place yours toward the back.


  1. The Stretching

It makes sense to stretch before starting an athletic event, so you figure you will casually stretch before yoga. You look around and see people in strange yet intense poses, and then you see some just laying on their backs, eyes closed. How the heck is that stretching? What you don’t know is that the pose actually brings you centered and focused on your muscles. So you decide to just lay down and hope for the best.



  1. The Lingo

Now is the big moment: the instructor has begun class, set the calming music, and starts describing poses in a peaceful tone. You hear words and see movement but you have no idea what is happening. You try to copy the people around you but a lot of the poses require your head down, so instead you end up doing a strange looking version of everything with a kink in your neck. You hear strange things like: “uttanasana” and “urdha mukha svanasana” and “pigeon pose” or “upward facing dog”. Don’t panic, just keep moving and breathing, you will make it.


  1. The Work

You start to rethink your original thought that this was just a stretching sport. You also start to rethink your athleticism. You are beginning to feel really weak and pathetic. The strength and core it takes to hold a pose is definitely more extreme than just running on a treadmill. You feel muscles that you did not know you had. Or you feel muscles being used more strenuously than you have used them before. You contort your limbs into odd shapes and feel stretches that you have never felt before. It’s magical, really. And just a little painful.

  1. The Fellow Yoga-ers (again)

As you get a grip on your physicality, you feel venturous enough to take a quick sweep of the room. You thought yoga was a girl thing but you start to notice how many men are in that class. Cheers to you, fellows! So much for not having to worry how you look. Some even practice yoga without a shirt, sweat glistening off their muscular bodies. Now you have to worry about falling over from the distractions. Great. You also notice middle aged people in the class, who are doing way better than you are at your ripe age of early twenties. How embarrassing.

  1. The Last Pose

This pose is literally translated to “corpse pose” and you lie on your back, feet out, palms facing up and eyes closed. Now you understand those who were laying like this at the beginning of class. This is your final resting pose to help clear your mind and get you prepared to face to world again. It’s only now that you realize how much stress was relieved in this 60-75min class. You start to feel very at ease and loose, like a limp noodle. More like a limp noodles that’s high. You feel strangely calm, and your body is still in one piece. This is fantastic.

  1. The Car Ride Home

You walk out to your car slowly and dazed, as if you just witnessed something beautiful. You feel a strange peacefulness inside of you, one that even makes you unable to crack jokes about how you feel like a high hippie. You feel nothing. Or everything. But it is okay. You keep your radio off and speak in only whispers for a good while after.



And then you go back to yoga over and over… and over. This strength-centered, calming, total body practice has got its grips around you. Now it all makes sense.

If you have not tried yoga yet, read this and prepare yourself. It will make the transition easier. These are real experiences I have had, learn from me, take my knowledge, and most of all…STRETCH.

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Things We Should All do in our Twenties


Before you worry about not finding “The One” or settling down or acting like a ‘real adult’, there are a few things you should really do for yourself.


  1. Travel

Plan a trip or go spur of the moment! Visit a friend, take a friend, or make new friends on an adventure. Although this is a time in life that you may not have a lot of money, it is the best time to travel. No kids to drag along with you and no work schedule for you and your significant other to work around. Plus, that is what the Internet is for! So many blogs and travel sites have ideas for cheap ways to travel. You need to travel to appreciate things and culture, to appreciate what you have, and to live out your dreams.

  1. Live on Your Own

Whether you have roommates or moved back home after undergrad, you need to leave all of that behind and live on your own for at least the length of one lease. Experience time on your own, so you can prove to yourself and others that you can survive on your own if needed. Teach yourself to not be afraid of the dark! Or just keep every single light on. That’s okay, too.

  1. Find a Career Interest

This is the time of internships, volunteering, temporary jobs, and part-time work. It is time to test different career interests out. Internships are the best (paid ones are a gold mine) because you can test a career option out for a specific amount of time: if you hate it, the day it’s over just toss your ID badge to the wind and find another internship, but if you love it, grab those contacts and work on a way to a full-time position!

  1. Be Happy In Your Own Skin

Be comfortable with who you are. Don’t worry about what you wear, what your make-up looks like, what brand your accessories are. It is not as much a fashion war out here like it was in high school or even undergrad. Don’t worry about judgments and just feel comfortable being 100% YOU. Go out and buy that superhero shirt you always wanted to rock, or that Minion tank that’s irresistible, or that crazy outfit you used to think would make you unpopular.

  1. Maintain Solid Friendships

Up until now in your life, you probably have a few friendships that have outlasted any significant other you have dated. Don’t let those relationships dwindle because you’re too busy trying to “find a man” or a girl. Many people lose friends while they are trying to get the attention of a possible partner. Our twenties is the time to find people to laugh, cry, cheer, and explore with. These friendships keep us grounded throughout our lives, through thick and thin. It is important to have friends in life. Even when you eventually settle down, you will still need friends.

  1. Be Grounded in Your Faith (whatever it may be)

It does not matter what you believe in (God, gods, Jesus, no Jesus, Mother Nature, Fate, etc.). As long as you have grounded morals and have something to keep you accountable to, you will be set in life. Give thanks, forgive, be patient, be optimistic, and help others. You need faith to keep you going in the hard times, so you need to start grounding yourself now before the real tough stuff comes.


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10 Things to Question about Your Life after Undergrad

Questionable phases of life after gradation. We all go through them and we all survive them….well most of us do. Here are 10 things to question:

1. Receiving a job offer

Blog GIF1

Because of all the talk about the difficulty of getting a job, if you do receive an offer, it becomes very suspicious. Wait, I only applied to 20 jobs and actually got one? Whereas, you hear horror stories of people applying to 40 jobs and getting one interview and no job. It is a paid position, right? Not an internship? Always be on high alert when something happens too easily in the working-world. Unless you got hired at McDonald’s, then just nod and accept it.

2.  Old friends

Blog GIF2

Some of your old friends act like they have too much of their shiznit together. Those are the ones you need to watch out for. No one has that much of their life pieced together yet. And with the politics starting to erupt already for 2016, some of your friends’ true colors are coming out over Facebook…question their reasoning. Block.

3.  Your relationship status

blog GIF 3

If you feel like Christ Traeger, you are probably questioning yourself, too. Leaving undergrad means leaving all of your friends, and who knows when you will all be together in one spot again?

4. All the work you did in undergrad

blog GIF 4

All that stuff you had to memorize for exams was beyond pointless. It was actually wasteful. Wasted the space in your brain, wasted your time, wasted thousands of note cards. Question why you tried so hard do to do well in those useless courses. And then be ready to get mad.

5. Your ability to keep it all together

Blog GIF 5

If you can fake it enough to act like you have it all together, you deserve an award. If you think you have your life all put together nicely, you need to question yourself. Don’t lie to us, you rub your face into a pillow every night before bed like our trusty, relate-able buddy, Nick Miller.

6. Your career choice

blog GIF 6

Think you know what you want to do after you graduate? Guess again. Chances are you will question yourself with every job application or every grad school assignment. If all else fails, become a wizard; it’s as close as you will be to a real job after you graduate anyway.

7.  Your ability to stay professional at all times

blog GIF 7

Think you will act like a mature adult now that you have a diploma? Chances are you will become very sarcastic very quickly. Professionalism is boring anyway, so question those who act like it all the time. Plus, you’re still a child in the eyes of many.

8. Your so-called undergrad accomplishments

blog GIF 8

Think being secretary in an undergrad club will get you far in the job market? Think that one intramural team you were on will help? It won’t. And the lack of actual “accomplishments” on your resume will only make you feel worse. I hate that part of a resume anyway. Can watching Netflix be on there?

9. Your interview capabilities

blog GIF 9

Maybe give yourself a practice round or two before that job interview. And if you don’t, question why you aren’t. No one is actually prepared for an interview. That’s the joke of the year. It’s also something they didn’t teach you in undergrad, so question your college/university on that one.

10.  Your ability to flirt

blog GIF 10

If you think you’re still in ‘the game’, you’re probably wrong. Question why it hasn’t worked out for you so far.


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