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Bullet Journaling #trending

No, bullet journaling does not involve shooting a journal. No guns are used in the making of this organizational tool. This trend is so calming because it literally throws your entire life into one journal for you, and setting it up is like the coloring-therapy trend that was so last year. So basically, it’s personalized perfection.


What is it you may ask? It is literally a customizable organization tool to help you do more with less, according to Bullet Journal.  It can be anything you want: a to-do list, a journal, a memory-book, a random idea book, and more. Actually, it can be all of those in one. The best part? There is no set pattern or way to do it. Just look up some examples online and you are on your way. Also, fun fact to make you want to go to their website, they have a lightning bolt in their title…#harrypotter?


Anyway, I had no idea what it was until I read a blog post about it from The Lady Project, and suddenly I was hooked! Thanks, ladies for this new addiction. Finally I can blame somone for something.


So here’s my bullet journal. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired to start your own:



Share your Bullet Journal ideas with me by commenting below!

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Types of: Drivers

Driving can be fun, but more than likely, it will be stressful and make you a mentally aggressive person. There will be many eye rolls, many fingers in the air, and many heart attacks. It’s just a fact of life when it comes to having your driver’s license. What  kind of driver are you?

1. The Hail-Mary-er

This driver is sporadic. Out of nowhere they change lanes, or take a right-hand turn from the left lane. They may even disregard the light and go on red when the turn light is green. And “oops” may not even be said. Also, if you are in the car with this type of driver, you will probably hear the GPS saying “Make A U-Turn” over and over.



2. The Taxi Cab

This driver changes lanes to pass every car in front of him or her. All it does is make more work for the driver and he/she only really gets a few paces in front of you. Not even an ambulance, which has the absolute right to, drives this rudely. This driver’s car is either an expensive sports car or a 1990s model with no hubcaps.



3. The Matrix

This person drives at the speed of those bullets in The Matrix, literally a snail can pass you up. You can actually get a ticket for going slow, you know that right? Also, the speed limit is sort of a guideline of the proper speed on that road. Going ten under will get you in an accident (probably caused by The Taxi Cab driver).



4. The Grandparent

This driver is used to a horse-and-buggy, not a car. You must be patient…but also loud. It is totally okay to lay on your horn for this person, mostly because they won’t even know you are there otherwise. The grandparent stops a mile behind the car in front of them at a red light, leans so far over the steering wheel to see that they move the car with their collarbone, and drives a boat, essentially.


5. The Soul-Crusher

This person literally does ONE thing that every one and their mother hates: parks over the line. I COULD HAVE FIT.



6. The Panicker

This driver brakes wayyyyyyy far back from the red light and then slowly comes to a stop that has taken them five minutes. When cars in the lane next to them look suspicious, they tap that brake faster than Taylor Swift tapped Tom Hiddleston after Calvin Harris.




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Things That Were Before Trump2016 Was 

Life used to be different, the crazy was hidden and people were manageable. But that all changed when the 2016 election started. Remember the good ‘ol days of 2014? Ah, such peace of mind and innocence. Here are 9 things that weren’t things before Trump 2016 was a thing:


1.  My mom always told me not to judge a book by its cover, but then someone in a Trump t-shirt walked by and she said forget anything I ever told you                            
2. Asia used to have a country called ‘China’, but now there is only ‘Jina’ and many illiterate children                                                           
3. People used to support POWs and veterans with PTSD, but now people support a candidate that says “it’s a POWs fault for getting caught” and “veterans with PTSD just couldn’t handle it” #notokay            
4. The crazies were hidden among us and naiviety was great, but now the crazies are making themselves known                                                                                        
5. Men use to wear toupées, but now they wear bleached dead animals on their heads                                 
6. Fencing companies used to be an actual business, but now there is only one man for that job: “nobody builds walls better than me”                                                                            
7. The election used to be a serious race between two qualified candidates, but now it’s a reality TV show where people text their votes in                                                          
8. It used to just be ‘body shaming’, but now it’s female-shaming                                                       
9. We used to be a melting pot society, but now we are Germany…in the 1930s…   
And in case you missed it, check out Alec Baldwin from SNL’s opening skit this past weekend! 
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